About grayspoon

What I do

  1. Startup branding
  2. Strategic rebranding
  3. Non-profit design support

How does an industrial design graduate turn into a startup branding designer? Glad you asked. Industrial design looks at how people use items, they look for where products become confusion or difficult to use and solve these problems through design. A good product often goes unnoticed because the user is able to use the product immediately and naturally as if they have owned this product for their entire life. 

I look at businesses as if they are a product. A great brand does its job if the potential client (user) is able to interpret your business offering immediately. I look at graphic design as a tool to convey message to help users understand a brand immediately. 

I love working with startups. They execute on ideas and they work fast. I work lean and I meet you where you are at with your budget. Contact me.